You will have a Aquarius zodiac star sign if you’re born between January 19 – February 18. Aquarius is the eleventh star sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Water Bearer
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus

Personality traits:



Positivity is a huge part of an Aquarians personality. They try to see the good in everyone and everything. Not just for you, but for themselves. They go through life with a positive outlook which can be contagious if you’re around one. They believe in second chances but only if you show that you deserve it. It’s important to remember that they’re forgiving but not fools. If you ever take advantage of their kindness, you’ll be left worse off and regretful. They will recognise sly, dishonest and manipulative people easily.


Aquarians are very openminded about everything. They have a great ability to see beyond black and white and also accept new ideas and concepts. They are curious to hear what other people have to say and interested in differences.


Aquarians care deeply about human and animal welfare. They want to assist anyone who needs help and enjoying taking care of others. It comes naturally to them. They care about the greater good. Aswell as being extremely caring and emphatic towards everyone they encounter.


Inability to compromise

Aquarians are very head strong so sometimes struggle to compromise. A lot of the time they believe they are correct about things and don’t like to budge from their opinion or perspective.


This links to the previous weakness. Aquarians can be very stubborn in almost all situations (but does hugely depend on their mood at the time). They struggle to change their attitude towards something when they’ve already made their mind up. Despite understanding the good arguments or reasons to do so.


There’s one thing for sure, you’ll never be bored if you’re dating an Aquarian. Most Aquarians actually like a trait about themselves, but those around them do not. They are very unpredictable in nature which can leave their friends and loved ones feel confused at times. They are known for sudden action and reaction. Whereas others take more time.

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