You will have a Capricorn zodiac star sign if you’re born between December 21 – January 20. Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Sea-Goat
Element: Earth
Ruling planet: Saturn

Personality traits:



From an outside perspective, Capricorns will seem like they have their lives together. And this is without a doubt down to their great organisation skills. They arrange every aspect of their life in a structured and systematic way to ensure that everything runs efficiently and smoothly. And this is why they get the best out of life! They organise their time, finances, belongings and everything else to save themselves time in the future.


Capricorns never act on impluses. They will think through all aspects of something before coming up with the best course of action. They exercise great control over their emotions and desires to protect themselves. Consequently, they can control their behaviours and avoid temptations easily. This is why Capricorns are usually very successful in everything that they do. They won’t let distractions get in the way of what they want to achieve. And have no problem missing out on things if they know it’ll help them in the long run. They understand that great success comes with sacrifices and they are willing to make them.


Capricorns have a lot of patience when it comes to anything in their lives. They take time to work things out instead instead of acting impatiently without much thought. They also have no problem waiting for long periods and rarely get frustrated or annoyed. This means Capricorns are generally easy-going and stress free as they do not let little things bother them. They act calmly and this gives them huge strength when facing many challenges in life.



Unfortunately, Capricorns have a tendency to be unoptimistic. They are quick to think of all of the negative outcomes of something rather than focusing on the positive. This means that often they hold themselves back from progressing as an individual because they assume the outcome of their actions will be bad. Capricorns are usually very realistic people so adopt the mental attitude of always looking for the worse outcome instead of the best.


Capricorns like to stick to what they know and have a hard time adapting to new situations or people. They are not ones to turn up to a party and easily get on with everyone in the room. Instead, they will look for the people most like them and stick to what they know. They struggle to change their behaviours in new situations and change who they are for anyone. Whilst this can be seen as a positive, sometimes it’s necessary to adapt so you can allow room for growth and progress. And people with this skill will always feel comfortable in all situations which opens up many more opportunities for them.

Don’t forgive easily

Don’t get it twisted, whilst Capricorns are usually very easygoing, this doesn’t mean you can get away with crossing them easily. They can be extremely unforgiving if someone does them wrong. They will act harsh and hostile and it will take a long time for you to gain their friendship back. Their grudges will be held for a long time.

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