You will have an Aries zodiac star sign if you’re born between March 20 – April 20. Aries is the first astrological sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Ram
Element: Fire
Ruling planet: Mars

Personality traits:



Aries are extremely independent. This is because they are usually strong-minded and don’t need the help of others. Therefore, they can come across as a low maintenance friend or partner or maybe even a little distant. This is because they really don’t need anyone else’s help so rarely ask for it.


Aries are extremely brave and always ready to take on new challenges. There’s one thing for sure, Aries are not ever afraid to step out of their comfort zone. This is what makes them feel alive and fulfilled. They get bored of the same routine and are always looking for ways to switch it up and try something new. They are always looking for ways to push themselves.


You will always know where you stand with an Aries. They are very direct people and won’t beat around the bush with you. If you’ve done something they don’t like, you’ll know about it. This can be overwhelming for some people but most appreciate the honesty. You’ll never have to worry about an Aries badmouthing you behind you’re back.



Aries are known to put themselves first always. This actually isn’t always a negative thing as we must put our needs first and look after ourselves before helping others. However, Aries can often completely disregard someone else’s desires, needs or interest and just focus on their own. They can be oblivious and unaware of someone else’s feelings which can make people feel like they’re self-absorbed. Which obviously isn’t great when it comes to their relationships with others.


Aries can be inconsistent in their thoughts and actions. This is due to their spontaneous thinking and indecisiveness. This may be confusing and frustrating for loved ones as Aries can sometimes behave in different ways to the same situations that occur. Of course, this had its positives and negatives. Sometimes the change in perspective is due to learning more and changing their mind! But sometimes it makes their character confusing to others, and people will be confused about where they stand.


Aries can often be hot-tempered, so bear this in mind if you’re in any type of relationship with one. Mostly, they have very fiery personalities so this can sometimes mean they react quickly to things. They act on impulses often which can often be negative in certain situations. Don’t forget – they are ruled by the planet of war.

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