You will have a Scorpio zodiac star sign if you’re born between October 23 – November 22. Virgo is the eighth astrological sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Scorpion
Element: Water
Ruling planet: Mars/Pluto

Personality traits:



If you ever find yourself in a spot of trouble, you better hope for a Scorpios at your side! They are sometimes even too brave for their own good and will run into danger without a second thought (especially for their loved ones). A Scorpio is always the first to volunteer for a difficult or risky task. Waiting for someone to jump off the cliff first to see how deep the sea is? don’t worry, your Scorpio friend just has.


If you need an honest opinion on something, you can always rely on a Scorpio to give it to you. They will never hold back with the truth so you will always know where you stand. If they don’t like something, they will tell you. They also hate dishonesty in others so don’t ever try to lie to a Scorpio, they will loose a lot of respect for you and take lies seriously. A Scorpio will never let you go out in a bad outfit so they make for very good friends.


Scorpios have a strong desire and determination to succeed in EVERYTHING they do. They want to reach the top and will do everything they can to get there. They are single-minded so will follow their own path so set their own goals and they are always high. If you’re ever around a Scorpio, you will leave them feeling inspired and motivated to do better.



Scorpios feel emotions very intensely and unfortunately, this includes jealousy. Their ambition, determination and intelligence mean they are used to getting what they want. Therefore, in a relationship, they expect a certain level of respect and can easily get jealous if they see something they don’t like. Also, they think they deserve the best so get jealous of others achievements and often view everyone as a competition.


Scorpios keep their cards very close to their chests. This means that that it might be hard to get close to them until you fully gain their trust. They don’t like to display any vulnerability so tend to keep their true feelings to themselves. This is so they can protect themselves, especially when around people they are unsure about.


Don’t ever upset a Scorpio because they can hold a grudge for a very long time. They struggle to get over things as quickly as others do. They take any betrayals very seriously and will find themselves feeling very resentful towards people that have done them wrong.

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