You will have a Cancer zodiac star sign if you’re born between June 21- July 22. Cancer is the fourth astrological sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Crab
Element: Water
Ruling planet: Moon

Personality traits:



f you’re in a relationship with a Cancer or they’re one of your friends, you will never have to question their loyalty. As soon as a Cancer cares about you, you will have their complete devotion and faithfulness. It takes a long time for Cancer to open up and form close relationships. But once you do, they will cherish you and go out of their way for you.


Their protectiveness goes hand in hand with their loyalty. Once a Cancer cares about you they will always make sure you’re looked after, safe and happy. This also ties in with their symbol, the crab, as crabs are strongly protective over their homes and surroundings. Much like this, Cancers will protect their loved ones (their home) at all times. They will go to extreme lengths so if you’re ever in a dangerous situation, give your Cancer friend a call.


Cancers are very intuitive and have incredible instincts. They can judge people and situations very quickly and are almost always correct. They rely on their intuition to make judgements on everything and it’s a huge skill of theirs. If you haven’t figured someone or a situation out, asking a Cancer for some advice will be a very good move. They find it very hard to fake or force things because they’ve already got it figured out.


Overly Sensitive

Please be careful with your word choice when speaking to a Cancer. If you have something negative to say, make sure you say it as constructive criticism and choose your words carefully. A huge downfall of a Cancer is they can take things very personally or get offended/upset easily. This means words or comments can stick with them for a long time too. This sensitivity is not good for a Cancers self-esteem and they can let small things affect them way too easily.


Cancers have complex emotions and are prone to becoming moody easily, which also ties in with their over sensitivity. Being in a relationship with a Cancer can be confusing sometimes because they can jump from happy to sad very quickly. Their mood swings will definitely keep you on your toes. It’s important to realise this isn’t because of their feelings towards you but simply a personality trait. Give them time and their mood will lift just as quickly as it came!


Cancers are known to seek revenge if someone has done them wrong. Unfortunately, revenge can be one of the only ways that make them feel better and justice. They are also likely to hold a grudge for a very long time too and don’t let things go easily. So think twice before doing anything that might upset them!

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