You will have a Gemini zodiac star sign if you’re born between May 21- June 21. Gemini is the third astrological sign under the zodiac.

Symbol: Twin
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Mercury

Personality traits:



Geminis find it extremely easy to adapt themselves to people or the situations around them. They are able to change their ideas or behaviours in order to deal with new situations that arise. This is because Geminis are easy-going which means they are flexible, they want an easy life and it’s unlikely they’ll ever be the difficult one in any situation. Everyone wants to get Mexican for dinner and the Gemini doesn’t fancy it that much? they’ll probably just say it’s fine anyway because minor things like this don’t bother them at all. That’s how they keep their happiness and peace!


Geminis are very sociable people and are always down to meet new people. If you want a friend to join you for a party, ask your Gemini friends! They love engaging in any activities that involve groups of people. They have a warm and friendly personality which means people are attracted to them and they get along with others effortlessly. There’s rarely an awkward moment with a Gemini because they’ve always got something to say!


There is one thing for sure, you will never get bored whilst having a conversation with a Gemini – they always have something interesting to say. And listen carefully because you might just learn something! They are full of valuable knowledge. They hate to engage in small talk, like the weather, they rather dive straight into the deep and meaningful conversations and really get to know someone.



It’s common for a Gemini to struggle with making decisions, especially more complex ones. They find it difficult to make decisions quickly and effectively. This is mostly down to their great intelligence, it means they often overanalyse decisions by thinking about all aspects. This indecisiveness can cause huge problems for Geminis as they potentially hold themselves back from moving forward for too long.


As previously mentioned, Geminis are very adaptable. This can sometimes lead to them making impulsive decisions because they’re not afraid of new situations. Also because they’re so flexible it means they can change their mind super quickly too. Which means they are quite often unpredictable and easily persuaded into doing things. For example, they’re saving but see a nice bag they want, and boom they’ve bought it.


If you’ve made plans with a Gemini, do yourself a favour and make backup plans. Geminis have a tendency to be unreliable which is usually a result of them being prone to change their minds. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to see you, they are just impulsive. And things they wanted to do a week ago may not seem as appealing to them now. They hate responsibility and people relying on them. But if you want a spontaneous night out, give them a call they’ll probably be down!

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